I make and teach
Design Systems.

With 17 years design experience, 8 in systems, my goal is to empower and educate others to level up their Design System thinking.

I’ve built many different types of Systems — including multi-product platforms, branded Systems, even a white label System — oof. More recently I led foundational System updates in the global rebrand for Wise.


Design Systems

Resources that make learning about and evolving Design Systems fun, easy and most importantly, accessible to everyone.

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Almost all
things design.


The making of an icon(s)

How we made a globally recognisable and scalable icon library.


Creating a Wise typographic set

What does it mean to build a truly international account? Is it to be able to hold many currencies? Sure.  Speak your language? Well, now you’re talking – literally.


Seven lessons from 7 years designing systems

Here are some of my lessons and practical guidance from a career of designing, redesigning and debranding Design Systems.


Portfolio don’ts for product designers — and what to do instead

In a world where competition is becoming increasingly high thanks to that slowly deflating tech bubble, it’s important to get first impressions right.

Case studies.

My recent career.


2021 - NOW Wise

While at Wise I've led foundational product and marketing updates on a systems level for digital assets and typography in their global rebrand.


2019 - 2021 OVO Energy

At OVO I built a highly adopted, branded Design System. I then redesigned it to become a scaleable white label System for Kaluza, which was used by SSE and other partner brands.

2016 - 2019 SiteMinder

At SiteMinder I led experience design across 5 teams. Redesigned the entire product offering and built a Design System that aligned their 5 core products into one platform suite.


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