Heya, I’m Ness! I’m a Design Lead,
specialising in Design Systems.

With 15 years' design experience, 7 in systems,

my goal is to empower and educate others 

to level up their Design System thinking.


Almost all
things design.

A Wise rebrand


18 APRIL, 2023

The making of an icon

How we made a globally recognisable and scalable icon library.

Overhauling our unorganised and illogical set, to create something streamlined, usable, and ready for the world.


23 MAY, 2023

Creating a Wise typographic set

What does it mean to build a truly international account? Is it to be able to hold many currencies? Sure. 

Speak your language? Well, now you’re talking – literally.

Redesigning Design Systems

25 MAY, 2023

Seven lessons from
7 years designing systems

You learn a lot over 7 years specialising in a field. Here are some of my lessons and practical guidance from a career of designing, redesigning and debranding Design Systems.


Case studies




Building a design system that scales across brands.


Boost redesign


Redesigning a family first brand from bold and punchy to human.




Aligning five core products into one coherent platform suite.

About me.

I’ve worked across many areas of design. From print, to web, and even to front end for a brief moment. All of these paths eventually led me to Design Systems, which I’ve been doing for the last 6 years.

I would describe myself as a hands on systematic designer, with strong knowledge in technical implementation and accessibility practices.

Along side working in design systems, I’m passionate about teaching and training others to improve their skills in both tooling and systems.

Some other fun stuff

  • I’m a half German, half Maltese Aussie, pretending to be British.
  • I studied a BA of Fine art in Interactive and Visual Design at QUT.
  • I’m currently doing a creative leadership course at Future London Academy.
  • When I’m not designing, you can usually find me writing, practicing yoga or crocheting things.

My more recent career


Design Lead

2021 - NOW  WISE

Design systems

So far at Wise — I've led foundational product and marketing updates on a systems level for digital assets and typography in their global rebrand.

I also created an onboarding series for new designers, implemented core templates and patterns to keep consistency across product. Whilst, continuiously supporting product teams.


Design Lead

2019 - 2021 OVO ENERGY

Boost // Design systems

At Boost — I redesigned the end to end product offering from the app, to marketing, all the way to employee swag. 

At OVO — I built a highly adopted, branded Design System. I then redesigned it to become a scaleable white label System for Kaluza, which was used by SSE and other partner brands.


Design Lead

2016 - 2019 SITEMINDER

Product // Design systems

At SiteMinder — I led experience design across 5 teams. Redesigned the entire product offering and built a Design System that aligned their 5 core products into one platform suite.

I also designed the mobile app for Little Hotelier, as well as a new product called Prophet.


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